22.30 Petros Custom Tenors + Super Uke Deals w Kalei Gamiao & Corey Fujimoto - lanikai-beach.net

0:00 “Crazy” Petros Custom Tenors
5:13 got covid
10:51 Petros “Blue Lagoon” Redwood Walnut Tenor
18:64 Petros Koa Macassar Ebony Tenor (https://theukulelesite.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=petros)
25:16 Kala Tenors on Special
25:29 “Tropical Hawaiian Day” on Kala ASMHG-T & ZTP-CTG
27:54 Kala ASMHG-T blowout special – https://theukulelesite.com/kala-all-solid-spruce-mahogany-tenor-ka-asmhg-t.html
29:01 Talking about the baby baritone set –
30:11 Talking about Lyle Ritz
31:56 Kala ZTP-CTG blowout special https://theukulelesite.com/kala-ka-ztp-ctg-solid-cedar-top-ziricote-tenor-slothead.html
35:27 Blem Specials
35:38 Romero Creations XS-K blem
44:35 Pono RTSH-PC (humdinger special)
48:42 Answering each other w 2021 Ono Custom Tenor & Pono RT(S)MS
55:48 Ono 2021 Custom Spruce Ziricote Tenor
59:51 Pono Master Series
1:01:00 Rebel Double Cheese Soprano Matte
1:04:00 Closing remarks (what u think?)
1:05:33 “Crazy” take 2
1:09:30 “Crazy” take 4

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