Kanikapila Mondays – Live ukulele jam – Hawaiian week 18th July - lanikai-beach.net


Regular online jam session where Matt teaches you how to play songs by ear. No sheet music necessary & all abilities welcome. Beginners can strum along, for intermediate and advanced players Matt show you how to solo and add dynamic techniques. You can ask Matt questions and chat to others taking part.

You can join in any print outs at all but some students may find it useful to have these free diagrams handy. You can use these at every Kanikapila session:

Circle Fifths and Major Scales: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnipswswl23yx3k/Major%20key%20%20%26%20circle%20of%205ths.pdf?dl=0

And here are the charts and lyrics for this week:

These sessions are free but if you would like to help cover running costs & support matt’s teaching you can give him a virtual tip in the jar by following the links below:

£3 Virtual Coffee – https://theukeroom.com/product/3-virtual-coffee/
£5 High Five – https://theukeroom.com/product/5-virtual-high-five-donation/
Or if you prefer you can drop Matt a virtual tip in his jar by paypal: https://paypal.me/ukeroom

These be available to watch back at any time. Previous Kaninapila sessions and the links for each be saved and listed here: https://www.mattsteadukulele.com/kanikapila-mondays

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