Pearly Shells (Traditional Hawaiian Song) – Solo Fingerstyle Ukulele Instrumental Daniel Purnomo -

I heard this traditional Hawaiian song from some of my students in the class, but until I met my student, Kitty who played this song, I really paid attention on this song. It's simplicity and sweetness really brings soothing feeling like an Aloha feel of Hawaii. It's really suitable for ukulele playing.

Here's some solo fingerstyle ukulele instrumental of the classic :

Aloha everyone 🙂
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Ukulele is one of the best instrument that fun learn with for active living. Daniel Purnomo is sought after, dedicated and passionate ukulele trainer in Singapore community. He has been teaching and imparting his musical passion, practical knowledge and innovative approaches in structured methods to greatly benefit his students. Many have gained deeper understanding in music in general and in ukulele specifically as Daniel reveals the “secret” of music concept and the mapping of ukulele fingerboard. His patient and sense of humour certainly make the class fun to experience.

Daniel Purnomo is a finalist of the International Ukulele Contest 2018 and 2019 (open solo category) in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2019 his trained team called Singapore Ukulele Revival (SURE) won the 2nd prize in the same contest in group category in Hawaii. He was the finalist of Kris Fuchigami Ukulele Contest in 2020 and the 1st runner in open category of Malaysia Ukulele Festival 2021 for Online Solo Competition.

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