Hawaiian Ukulele with Ocean Sounds – Relaxing Cafe Music with Ocean Waves – Beautiful Tropical Music - lanikai-beach.net

0:00:01 Bohemian Rhapsody
0:09:27 Help!
0:13:49 Take My Breath away
0:21:19 Crazy Love
0:29:19 Baby It's You
0:34:36 Darlin'
0:40:06 . Moonlight
0:44:44 Eternal Flame
0:51:31 Colour My World
0:57:33 Easy
1:04:22 The Tide is High
1:10:37 Speech Balloon
1:17:08 Bad Day
1:23:20 to Watch Over Me
1:30:12 Lean On Me
1:37:58 To Know Him is to Love Him
1:43:18 Champagne Supernova
1:50:35 Voices of nature
1:56:23 Everybody Plays the Fool

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