Uke Instructors Monthly Meeting Teaching Unfamiliar Songs -

00:00 Welcome
03:43 Presentation by Anne Ku (Massachusetts)
15:50 Waltz in D Minor by Lindsay Higgs
28:16 Next monthly meetup Saturday 19th August 2023 Tony Mizen
29:08 Low G or High G – Lan Yarborough (Mexico)
31:55 Comment by Lindsay Higgs (UK)
33:30 Comments by Rick Jitchaku (Hawaii)
50:35 Comments by Anne Ku
53:49 Comments by Bruce Boreham (Italy)
1:09:03 Comment by Anne Ku
1:11:15 Comment by Lindsay Higgs
1:13:40 Comment by Lan Yarborough
1:19:28 Comments by Moses Kamai (Washington, DC)
1:13:56 Closing – Anne Ku
Next meeting
Saturday 19th August 2023 Tony Mizen – from transcribing to composing

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