“My Waikiki Ukulele Girl” by Irving Kaufman and “My Hawaiian Sunshine” by Burr & Campbell, 1916 - lanikai-beach.net

This record is an example of the sort that exploits “Hawaiian Music” and culture as novelty, mildly racy comedy. The B-side at least has some players who know the music, the guitarists (they also played ukuleles) Frank Ferera and Helen Louise.

00:00 My Waikiki Ukulele :
Glick, Jesse G. M. — Lyricist
Kaufman, Irving — Vocalist — Tenor Vocal
King's Orchestra — Musical Group
Smith, Chris — Composer
King, Edward T. — Conductor

02:50 My Hawaiian Sunshine:
Morgan, Carey — Composer
Burr, Henry — Vocalist — Tenor Vocal
Campbell, Albert — Vocalist — Tenor Vocal
Louise, Helen — Instrumentalist — Guitar
Gilbert, L. Wolfe — Lyricist
Ferera, Frank — Instrumentalist — Guitar

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