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.Rosewood panel, with 199 Hawaiian traditional manufacturing process, with excellent sound, treble bright, midrange clean, bass deep. Curved back, make sounds louder and clearer. Three-dimensional three-dimensional sense of stronger.Thumb board & bridge, using rosewood build denser, more delicate and sweet voice.
2.Learning is easy, anyone can do it!
3.It is C-type 23-inch ukulele, not only has S-shaped 21-inch sound brittle and easy to carry the advantages, but also has a T-shaped 26-inch excellent bass. Not only suitable for singing and playing, Fingerstyle effect is also very good.
4.Excellent configuration, fully enclosed string button, peach core wood handle body, fiber string pillow, we also equipped with tuner and Capo clamps.
5.Attention: We have upgraded our ukulele, There is no the engraving “Ukulele guitar” on the surface of ukulele.

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