Roy Sakuma Ukulele Hawaii – Practice “Ukulele Itch” -

Roy Sakuma is recognized as Hawaii's foremost ukulele teacher and proponent of the ukulele. As a young protégé of ukulele master Herb “Ohta San” Ohta, Roy Sakuma quickly proved himself as a stellar student. When Ohta San encouraged his disciple to venture out on his own as a performing artist , Roy found his true calling was in teaching. Since 1974, the Roy Sakuma Method of Ukulele Instruction has brought the joy of music to thousands of students. Roy and his wife Kathy have expanded the Roy Sakuma Ukulele Studios to locations on Oahu with a dedicated staff of instructors.
Roy and Kathy Sakuma are the founders of Ukulele Hawaii, a nonprofit organization continuing their life's work of bringing laughter, love and hope to the world through the music of the ukulele.

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