Soprano Ukulele 21 inch Mahogany Electric Rainbow Uke,Mini Kids Guitar Hawaiian ukelele – Overview -

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21 inch Mahogany Electric , Instrument Kit ukalalee for Beginner Adults Kids Starter(Blue) –

♫ [High Quality] – This soprano ukulele body is made of basswood include the neck and finger board and bridge, creates clear, crisp and melodious sound. Use environmentally friendly and healthy coatings, no harm to kids and nature. Each kids beginner ukulele guitar embryo is polished and sprayed several times to ensure smooth body without burrs and uniform color. This cute mini Hawaiian ukulele has 13 frets on the hardwood fingerboard, producing different tones for a song.
♫ [Easy to Play] – The advanced and sturdy nylon strings for this soprano ukulele not only can avoid stroke but also allows for a full-bodied sound when you play traditional Hawaiian ukulele songs. The soprano beginner ukulele provide stability and durability sound. High quality soft nylon strings will not hurt your hands.This Mini guitar beginner ukulele has 4 strings and can play any songs you want. This Hawaiian ukulele is especially suitable for beginners kids, teens, and children.
♫ [Great Deal] – This beginner ukulele pack includes free accessory package of EVERYTHING you may need! : 1*21 Inch Soprano ukulele, 1*Gig Bag, 1*Aquila String Set, 1*Tunner, 4* Pick, 1*Cleaning Cloth, 1*Finger Protect Cover Set, 1*Instruction Book. Purchasing our 21 soprano ukulele, you will get lifetime service. Anymore questions about the Hawaiian ukeleles, please feel free to contact us for help anytime. (mini sporano Hawaiian beginner ukulele 21 inch for kids adult)
♫ [Easy to Carry] – This soprano ukulele is classic small size and light weight to carry and play. Pack includes carrying bag, can follow you wherever you want to go. The beginner ukulele is with maple body and painted in a variety of beautiful colors, you could choose what Hawaiian ukulele you like.(sporano Hawaiian beginner mini ukulele 21 inch for kids adult)
♫ [Excellent As A Gift] – Kids ukulele is the best musical instrument gift for kids, students, friends, children and adults who want to play . This ukulele beginner can be a birthday/holiday/Christmas gift for everyone.(Hawaiian beginner mini sporano ukulele 21 inch for kids adult)

Smiger-Naneki Rainbow Ukulele
Our rainbow series soprano ukulele comes in several beautiful colors! Same ukulele, same size, Same accessories BUT different colors!

Full Set of Accessories
This Soprano ukulele beginner set including many accessaries which are very helpful for new beginners and can meet everything new starters may need. Great helpful for ukulele lovers.

About the Pack
With this purchase you also get:

1*Aquila String Set Strings


4* Picks

1*Finger Protect Cover Set,

1*carrying bag

1*Cleaning Cloth

1*Instruction Book.

A tip for tuning your new Ukulele
Are you finding your new ukulele always needs tuning every time you want to play it?

This is really common, particularly with new strings. Nylon strings take a certain amount of stretching before they settle down and hold their tune.

How to solve:Tune it to the desired note, then pull up on the string over the sound hole to give it a bit of a stretch. That’ll take it down about 2 whole notes, tune it back up and repeat until it stays in tune. A lot of folks who maybe aren’t used to stringed instruments, especially nylon strings, get frustrated, but don’t worry, these are decent strings, they just need a good stretch!

More Colors Available!
Naneki Soprano Ukulele comes in 10 beautiful colors! Same ukulele, same size, Same accessories BUT different colors!

To choose a different color, simply scroll to the top of the page and click the color of your choosing or search for Naneki Music Ukulele.

This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License.

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