Original Ukulele Music Showcase | Matthew Quilliam with GSMC - lanikai-beach.net

Matthew will be performing a showcase of original music for the ukulele, featuring some traditional Hawaiian music, some jazz and some contemporary music by living composers. Join him for an evening of online music to celebrate the history of the ukulele.

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A Graham Steel Music Company event.

The name-the-composition competition carries no reward, financial or otherwise, other than the chance to name Matthew's piece at the end of the show. More details explained throughout.

Choan Galvez: https://www.choan.es/en/
Samantha Muir: https://samanthamuir.com/
Paul Mansell: https://www.paulmansell.co.uk/
Mike Krabbers: http://www.unplugthewood.com/
David John Roche: https://www.davidjohnroche.com/

To catch the next episode, please to this channel for more theory, how-to and performance videos. Your support helps to keep these videos going.

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