Aloha Oe – Daniel Purnomo, UT-CO Island Series Maestro Ukulele & Deity V-Mic D3 Pro -

from Singapore,

Here’s a classic Hawaiian song by Queen Liliuokalani, a fingerstyle instrumental on Ukulele. I did many slurs and some chromatic notes and block chords to simulate slide guitar which is commonly used for Hawaiian music.

It’s fun to play this Hawaiian instrument on a Hawaiian instrument, but this one is a Singapore brand. I hope you feel the tropical feel here 🙂

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I did this raw recording with D3 in my little room – it’s not a studio and it doesn’t have special acoustic treatment in it. I’m pretty happy with the sound result and I didn’t do any sound editing. What you hear is the raw real sound. This awesome mic indeed captures the true sound of the instrument.

Mahalo for your support to this channel. More inspiring ukulele videos are in the making.

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