TLL Podcast #3 – Down the Hawaiian Music Rabbit Hole -

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TLL Podcast #3 – Down the Hawaiian Music Rabbit Hole

The guys been on a Hawaiian music kick lately and this week on Thursday Live Lesson they continue down the rabbit hole. A simple questions about Hawaiian song structure, sparks lively discussion about the evolution of Hawaiian music. The guys also examine the semantics surrounding vamps, riffs, and motifs. They end the lesson talking about optimal thumb placement for holding chords.

Questions asked this Week:
0:00 Intro

2:00 What is the song structure for Hawaiian music?

8:25 Finding the V of the V (five of the five).

21:45 What is a vamp?

24:30 What is the difference between a vamp and a riff?

29:35 Does a vamp to be chords?

31:35 What are passing chords?

36:50 The evolution of Hawaiian music.

51:55 Where can you listen to Hawaiian music?

53:20 Should you “plant” your thumb in the middle of the ukulele neck?

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