TLL Podcast #3 – Down the Hawaiian Music Rabbit Hole -

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TLL Podcast #3 – Down the Hawaiian Music Rabbit Hole

The guys have been on a Hawaiian music kick lately and this week on Thursday Live Lesson they continue down the rabbit hole. A simple questions about Hawaiian song structure, sparks lively discussion about the evolution of Hawaiian music. The guys also examine the semantics surrounding , riffs, and motifs. They end the lesson about optimal thumb placement for holding chords.

Questions asked this Week:
0:00 Intro

2:00 What is the song structure for Hawaiian music?

8:25 Finding the V of the V (five of the five).

21:45 What is a vamp?

24:30 What is the difference between a vamp and a riff?

29:35 Does a vamp have to be chords?

31:35 What are passing chords?

36:50 The evolution of Hawaiian music.

51:55 Where can you listen to Hawaiian music?

53:20 Should you “plant” your thumb in the middle of the ukulele neck?

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