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🌈 For me, there is nothing iconically Hawaiin than hearing over the rainbow played on the by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

🏝️It paints that gorgeous Hawaiian picture of a blue ocean, swaying palm trees, and a colourful array of flowers that seem to be everywhere around the island. 🌸

🎸So today I am inspired by the ukulele or jumping flea as it is known in Hawaii. The small guitar-like instrument can be traced back to Portuguese sailors who brought a similar instrument the machete. However, the machete uses metal strings whereas the ukulele uses nylon.

🎵The ukulele became a fixture in Hawaiian and culture when the last King of Hawaii, 👑King David Kalākaua (reigned 1874 – 1891) incorporated the instrument in royal ceremonies and Lūʻau (luaus)🎊

✨I was thrilled to find a ukulele to learn some basic chords, unfortunately, my instrument was missing a string. So maybe the sound wasn’t perfect, but I had nonetheless on my #armchairtravel adventure.🤩😂

My face tells it all

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