Paying Our Respect | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #28 -

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Paying Our Respect | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #28

This week’s podcast, we’re paying respect to Ukulele and Slack Key Legend, Hal Kinnaman. The team discuss Hal’s Legacy and how he personally effected Ukulele Underground. Aldrine shares the famous Spider Warmup originally taught by Hal. Using Hal as an example, the guys talk about people coming to Hawaii and learning music. They also consider the importance of perpetuating culture, and why some people might guard traditions more securely. This leads to a conversation on respect when passing on culture. Other topics included this week are Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai, Hula, Keali`i Reichel, and Hawaiian names. The podcast ends with with a reminder that Aloha Friday will be on Instagram this week, and that there is a new UU+ Solo Lesson.

Learn some of Hal’s Favorite Warmups:

Questions asked this Week:
0:00 We are “Live”

1:40 Paying our Respect to Hal Kinnaman

4:40 The Spider Warmups

7:55 Hal’s Legacy

11:45 Coming to Hawaii and Learning from the Source

16:00 Perpetuating & Safeguarding Culture

20:40 Respecting a Song’s History

27:50 The “Ka Uluwehi” Story

31:05 Music on Ukulele Underground

33:20 Names in Hawaii

36:35 Keali`i Reichel

39:15 Respect when passing on culture

46:55 How does Kahai feel having a name?

48:25 name’s Significance

55:55 Aloha Friday on Instagram, and Pallet Town

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