Paying Our Respect | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #28 -

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Paying Our Respect | The Ukulele Underground Podcast #28

This week’s , we’re to and Slack Key Legend, Hal Kinnaman. team discuss Hal’s Legacy and how he personally effected Ukulele . Aldrine shares the famous Spider Warmup originally taught by Hal. Using Hal as an example, the guys talk about people coming to Hawaii and learning Hawaiian . They also consider the importance of perpetuating culture, and why some people might guard traditions more securely. This leads to a conversation on respect when passing on culture. Other topics included this week are Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai, Hula, Keali`i Reichel, and Hawaiian names. The podcast ends with with a reminder that Aloha Friday will be on Instagram this week, and that there is a new UU+ Solo Lesson.

Learn some of Hal’s Favorite Warmups:

Questions asked this Week:
0:00 We are “Live”

1:40 Paying Respect to Hal Kinnaman

4:40 The Spider Warmups

7:55 Hal’s Legacy

11:45 Coming to Hawaii and Learning from the Source

16:00 Perpetuating & Safeguarding Culture

20:40 Respecting a Song’s History

27:50 The “Ka Uluwehi” Story

31:05 Hawaiian Music on Ukulele Underground

33:20 Names in Hawaii

36:35 Keali`i Reichel

39:15 Respect when passing on culture

46:55 How does Kahai feel having a Hawaiian name?

48:25 Hawaiian name’s Significance

55:55 Aloha Friday on Instagram, and Pallet Town

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