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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021, July. Ukulele Festival Hawaii remembers Willie K … superstar … supporter … friend. many years, Hawaiian phenomenon Uncle Willie K blessed Ukulele Festival Hawaii with his laughter, love, goodwill, and generous heart. Willie K, who passed in May 2020 after a lengthy battle with cancer, continued to perform even while ill. He loved giving his time to Ukulele Festival Hawaii and performing alongside the children and community ukulele players. His spontaneous spirit made his performances at the festival heartwarming, uplifting and exciting. Those memories are a special gift that we treasure, and his generous and loving spirit will forever be etched in our hearts. Willie K’s contribution to the world of entertainment and music was as grand as his personality. He was a multiple Na Hoku award winner, Grammy nominee, and a highly sought-after and beloved entertainer. He commanded the stage with his presence and distinctive artistry, wowing audiences worldwide with his infinite repertoire that spanned all genres, from Hawaiian music, Latin, blues, and jazz, to reggae, rock and even opera.
Ukulele Festival Hawaii, a -profit organization, was established in 2004 by Roy and Kathy Sakuma to continue life’s work of preserving interest in the ukulele and bringing laughter, love and hope to children and adults throughout Hawaii and the world through the music of the ukulele.
Roy Sakuma started the first and original ukulele festival in 1971 and today the festival is an international event attracting performers young and old from around the world and an ukulele orchestra of hundreds of children.

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