Lanikai Pillbox (Full) Hike, Oahu -

Lanikai Pillbox Hike, in my opinion one of the top 5 most scenic Hike's to do while on Oahu. Right down the way from the popular Lanikai . If you get there early during the Hike, you will get to see one of the most glorious sunrises from that location and perspective. I have not yet went during the latter part of the day, for a sunset. But if its anything like the sunrise, it should be beautiful nonetheless. The hike roughly 45 minutes or less, depending on video and picture taking, for me my hikes always longer due to multiple mediums I record during the hike. This hike is mild to moderate depending on the path you want to take. The pillbox(s) have great graffiti, and history. So if you have the time, same thing regarding the Maili Pillbox, definitely go and take in this soul soothing experience. Mahalo

Music: Stick Figure: Edge of the Ocean

Equipment: A7III 24 2.8, and 50 1.8 Tamaron and Sony Lens
Apple 12 Pro Max Phone
DJI Mavic Pro 2

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