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These hikes on the island of Oahu are loved by locals.

The Olomana Ridge Trail is my personal favourite. is shaded from the sun has a beautiful ironwood forest section. At the top there are some bouldering sections and ends on an exposed cliff with the best views on the island.

Warning: only attempt the 1st peak! Do not go to the 2nd or 3rd.

From the Olomana peaks we see the Lanikai Pink Pillbox. The Pink Pillbox hike is a short trail that is great for sunrises with views of Kailua Bay.

The Mokes are two islands in Kailua Bay that be reached by kayaking. The landing zone is characterized by crashing waves that wrap around the island.

Koko head crater is generally crowded with tourists who love the iconic train tracks. Locals will hit this trail early in the morning before 9am or after 4pm to avoid the scorching sun.

The Kouliouou ridge trail is a classic ridge trail among dozens along the Ko’olau range. This trail is shaded with a soothing iron wood forest section. The lookout at the top has views of Olomana Koko head crater.

0:00 Olomana Ridge Trail
0:12 First peak
1:11 Lanikai Pink Pillbox
1:54 Lanikai beach
2:00 The Mokes
3:23 Koko Head Crater
4:24 Kuliouou Ridge Trail
5:37 Paiko beach

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