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With its creamy sand, gentle winds, and luminous waters, it's no wonder: The place embodies the prevailing view a tropical paradise. Once part of a swath of called Ka'ōhao (or “tying together”), it was given an additional name Lanikai—heavenly sea— Charles R. Frazier and the Trent Trust Co. purchased and developed the area (where oceanfront property once went for twenty cents per square foot). Here's the lowdown on this prime piece of land—and all the ways you can make the most of it:
Makapuu sunrise

Take A Sailing Canoe Tour

Want see Lanikai with the wind in your hair? Take a sailing canoe tour and discover the mokes, creatures of the sea, and the harder to reach areas near and Lanikai Beach areas. If you want to experience the “waterman” way of life this is the tour for you. Culture, respect, and knowledge of the the sea are all enhanced after this experience.

Coming from “Town?” Lanikai Beach is located roughly fifteen miles (or thirty minutes) from downtown Honolulu. You'll go over the gorgeous Ko'olau Range on your way; consider it a preview of the beauty that awaits. From Kailua, take Mokulua Drive and Alapapa Drive to Mokulua Drive. Do note that bus service is also available.

Heed Parking Rules

There is no public parking lot adjacent to Lanikai Beach but spots can be found a short distance away at Kailua Beach Park and along the main and side streets of Lanikai. Parking as a whole is very limited and rules must be heeded—not only have violations gone from $35 to $200, but this is also a residential area. As such, show respect for the people who live here—and don't park in the apron of their driveways or otherwise block their entrances.

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