Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay | Lanikai Beach | Eating on a budget in Hawaii | The Chuas -

is a must-go when you are Oahu . It is one of the best spots but going there has some challenges if you go there late because people would just flock there later in the day. Parking is so hard so we recommend going there early in the morning (5am or earlier) so you’ll have a stress free experience plus you’re the first one to swim with the fishes.
Cause you started your day early, there’s still plenty of time to hop beaches like the world-famous – . It’s just a 10-minute drive for a beach to beach.
If you’re a foodie, tons of choices for you to go, in the video those restos are the one we “researched” as the first choice when you are in the area.
Enjoy! and Thanks for watching!

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