SCARY HIKES IN HAWAII || Hawaii Vlog 2: Lanikai Pillboxes, Waimanalo Beach -

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In this vlog, Ale and I visit some of Hawaii’s most breathtaking lookouts and complete a mountain-climbing venture. We enjoy Hawaii’s clear oceans and deal with stares from the public when taking photos.

I hope you guys are enjoying the vlogs so far and I’m so excited to continue releasing them for the remainder of the year!! If any of you are wanting to visit Hawaii, I name every significant location in the video so you can take inspiration from Ale and I’s itinerary! I had so much fun these 4 days, Having a pamper night, doing facemasks, being featured in Ale’s Tik Tok, doing the Lanikai Pillbox Hike, Swimming at Lanikai Beach, Eating at the cheesecake factory, watching multiple sunsets, stepping into Hawaii’s beautiful Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden and also finally figuring out the vlog camera situation.

Near the end of the vlog, we crossed the island and made it to the North Shore! I included a little montage of it but the next vlog will completely (mostly) be based in Oahu’s North Shore.

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