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This hike was of the Pillbox at Lanikai. Great views, short hike, family friendly. As you have noticed by now we love to go on hikes and see what Hawaii has to offer. A few things this hike:

1. there is not parking. You have to find parking on the street in a residential area so either go early or you might have to drive around a bit to find a spot. said that the hike is definitely worth it.
2. It's a relatively short hike but there is not shade once you make it out of the first 100 yards so bring water and sunscreen is always a must.
3. We saw people hiking with dogs, babies, in sandals (both thong and slip on) and even bear footed.

Great place for pictures all about the way. To one you have a view of Lanikai beach and to the other is a golf course. Hawaii is absolutely littered with golf courses so that should not be a surprise.

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