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Hikes to check out:
Moanalua Valley Trail hike (Oahu Hawaii): https://youtu.be/7D1pVX1JB3M
Pupukea Paumalu Trail (Pillbox Hike in Oahu) hikeOahu Hawaii): https://youtu.be/kdQ3iNtajSs
Wahiawa Hills Trail hike (Oahu Hawaii): https://youtu.be/9Du2zWJTIG4
Aeia Loop Trail hike (Oahu Hawaii): https://youtu.be/f75VGwYCFAI
Maunawili hike (Oahu Hawaii): https://youtu.be/MWeYORrZzXk
Hiking in Bryce Canyon (Utah): https://youtu.be/aelwtlWo9XQ
Vortex (St George Utah): https://youtu.be/R8RCX2ddTQM
Taylor Creek Trailhead Hike (Zion National Park): https://youtu.be/B6gSexYKg2w
Ski Lake Hike (Montana): https://youtu.be/s2EtbnIEzio
Upper Falls Hike (Yellowstone National Park): https://youtu.be/DSW8wnN_-5w
Ousel Falls Hike (Big Sky Montana): https://youtu.be/EEaiszLuNJs
Storm Castle Peak Hike (Montana): https://youtu.be/hBkDSnSmG6E
Lover's Beach Hike (Cabo San Lucas Mexico): https://youtu.be/ewLx-JwAiqA
Angel's Landing Hike (Zion National Park, Utah): https://youtu.be/F9GliDfOs1M
Rattlesnake Gultch Hike (Millcreek Canyon, Salt Lake Utah): https://youtu.be/F9GliDfOs1M

Check out some Spearfishing and Freediving!!
Freediving to sunken plane at Sand Hollow (St George Utah): https://youtu.be/CmhyaPniIak
Finding Rods, Beer Bottles, and speargun while freediving (also lots of wildlife in Oahu Hawaii): https://youtu.be/_RkVSG8GxTs
Freediving with Turtles (Oahu Hawaii): https://youtu.be/_RkVSG8GxTs
Spearfishing in Cabo San Lucas: https://youtu.be/_RkVSG8GxTs
Free diving in Meadows Hot Spring (Meadows Utah): https://youtu.be/z272v_GgXBo
Spearfishing and Freediving in Indonesia: https://youtu.be/CXnN_VPz-Ew

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