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You can never run out of things to do on the island of Oahu! Hiking the Lanikai Pillbox is a moderate hike that rewards you with amazing views at every level!

This hike is located on the windward side of Oahu in the town of Lanikai, next to . You can find it on google maps. As this is a very residential beachside town, please be sure to follow local parking ordinances/, or your car will get towed!

We did this hike twice last week. The first day was a bit overcast but no wind. It started to rain so we got about halfway up and then decided to go back down before it got muddy. But we did get the drone up one time! The second time was a beautiful sunny day but VERY windy. We up about three quarters of the way. If we would have kept going we would have come across the various pillboxes. But wherever you decide to finish your hike, the views are AMAZING! Across the street from the entrance to this hike is the Mid Pacific Country Club where Obama plays golf!

If you're a beginner take your time going down, I find going down a bit tougher than going up! There are plenty of ropes and things to hold on to for safety once you get near the rocky part.

I hope you enjoy this hike and afterwards it's always fun to go down to Lanikai Beach and enjoy a dip in the beautiful ocean!

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