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| A Path Your Inner Peace and Wellness | The focus of this meditation is to help you to meditate.

The Daily Live Meditation, by Alex Vaz, happens every day on YouTube Live (check schedule). However, the recorded meditations are available on YouTube so that you can also meditate at your convenience. Each meditation is about 15-20 minutes long.

The Daily Live Meditation is a 3-STEP meditation:

STEP 1 | BREATH: You will be guided to start with a breathing technique. Through your breathing, you will be invited to connect with every part of your body and visualize some healing points.

STEP 2 | VISUALIZATION: Every day, You will be led to visualize a different location or situation. There, you will be able to explore and connect with your emotions, behaviors, feelings, and creativity.

STEP 3 | MANTRA: At this point, you will start to resonate a mantra in your mind for the last few minutes of the session, but you can also stay in silence if you prefer. You will have the opportunity to go into a more profound meditation. After about 15-20 minutes in total, you will be peacefully called back to finalize the meditation.

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