Lanikai(Darren Benitez) / Ukulele covered by MASA Kahiwa -

おはようございます、ウクレレプレイヤーのMASA Kahiwaです。
今回の動画は、 Benitezが歌っているハワイアンソングの「」です。
10数年前に初めて1人でハワイに行った時に、Lanikai Beachの隣、Kailua Beachに英語も全く喋れないのに地元のバスを乗り継いで行ったのが懐かしいです。
Good morning! here.
This video is the Hawaiian song “Lanikai” sung Darren .
When I first went to Hawaii 10 years ago by myself, I miss the local bus to Kailua Beach, next to Lanikai Beach, even though I couldn’t speak English at all.
It’s a beautiful beach like heaven, so it probably got this name.
I knew it for the first time when I received a request from the wonderful hula dancer I was with at the time of the event, but it is still one of my favorite songs.
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Present / MASA Kahiwa & merci Anela

収録曲(recorded music)
1 Larry O’ Gaff,Swallowtail & Rambling Pichfork
2 Stars and Stripes Forever
3 In My Life
4 Sing Sing Sing
5 Ave Maria
6 I’ll Remember You
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