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In this Episode of Our Oahu Hawaii Vlog we take you with us to our second day of diving certification class at Reef Pirates Diving. We go scuba diving out in the open water where we see beautiful fish and the coral reef. After getting sea sick we head over to Lanikai Beach to relax for a while.

We spend some time at walking around Byodo-In Temple and are instantly transported to Japan in a calm serene temple. We head over to Ramen Nakamura for some delicious noodles and end the night walking around Waikiki streets.


Items Shown / Mentioned
Tommy Bahama Umbrella:
Tommy Bahama Beach Chair:
Similar Beach Towel:
Chans Waterproof Backpack:
My Hiking Backpack:
Similar Straw Hat:
Best Carry on Backpack:
What We Took Every Morning:

Intro: 0:00
Reef Pirates Diving: 1:47
Lanikai Beach 5:48
Byodo-In Temple 7:06
Ramen Nakamura 9:02
Waikiki Street Performers 9:47


Insta 360 Go 2:
Lav Mic:

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