Lanikai Beach and Pillbox Hike Hawaii in Oahu North Shore PLUS Tanaka of Tokyo Teppanyaki Dinner -

Our Oahu, Hawaii (하와이) adventure continues with a trip to the shore to spend the day in Lanikai beach and climb the pillbox hike. This short travel from Honolulu is totally worth it and the views from the trail and the beach are something else! The pillbox hike Hawaii features a short trail with these bunkers that have there since world war II. Hiking with the view of Lanikai beach and the Oahu Shore was very rewarding. I am sure when it comes to Oahu hikes this is one of the easiest ones but still was a tiny bit challenging. This could be a very good family vacation trip as we saw a bunch of them enjoying the beach and even do the Lanikai hike to see the Lanikai pillbox. The north shore Oahu also features a lot of restaurants and seafood. Hawaii travel always has surprises and I hope that in this Hawaii vlog the views and the Hawaii real estate talk by our drivers really get to impress you, Oahu Hawaii has a lot to offer! So if you are wondering about Oahu Hawaii things to do you will find a long list of activities to do. After the Hike, we went back to Waikiki to find great Hawaii food and found A hibachi place right in the heart of Honolulu that will complete this Oahu travel vlog! Featuring Tanaka of Tokyo a Hibachi and teppanyaki Japanese food restaurant featuring amazing steak, lobster and our chef Anthony gave us an amazing food show and I told him he was going to be on the video! So THANK YOU, Anthony! knife skills and cooking skills were great not to mention they make a nice collection of food videos and we were pretty happy with the restaurants in Waikiki. If this is only the second night in our Oahu vlog I am sure the other Hawaii travel vlog will be awesome. Enjoy!

0:00 Driving to the Shore
2:12 Lanikai beach
3:48 Pillbox Hike
6:13 International Market Place Waikiki
8:42 Tanaka of Tokyo Featuring Chef Anthony

I did not receive any sponsorship from the restaurants or places above


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Jambo Reggae by Little Island Leap
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In America (Instrumental Version) by Badskum
Percussive Madness by Martin Baekkevold
Wanli Changcheng by Trailer Worx

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