Lanikai Beach, Oahu’s Best Beach – Updates and Where to Park | Lao Food In Honolulu, Hawaii -

Amanda and I to visit Hawaii during the cold months Seattle. When we visit, Lanikai Beach is our favorite beach to hang out at in Oahu. This beach is voted the best beach by many people and sources.

this video we revisit this beautiful beach and learned that the parking situation has greatly changed. This beach is located in a residential neighborhood and you used to be able to park along the street, however this is no longer the case (at least for 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays).

Hawaii was impacted by a recent storm and a lot of standing water from flash floods remain on many of the roads. Also, the weather is something to consider if you’ll be visiting Lanikai Beach around this time (video created 12-8-21). We had planned on staying at the beach for a long time and exploring this area afterwards, but due to poor weather conditions we decided to cut our visit short head back to Honolulu Chinatown. A Lao restaurant there was also calling our name. 🙂

At Olay’s Thai and Lao Cuisine we ordered Tum Taad and Nam Khao. We enjoyed the food as well as the ambiance at this restaurant. There are not may Lao restaurants around and Amanda and I always try to seek them out to support the Lao Food Movement and the Lao community. Besides, we love Lao food!

Hope you enjoy the video!


A little bit about me…

My name is Dennis aka Lao Ocean (also aka Dr. Wtpho, but more about that later) and I’m a Lao American YouTuber based Seattle, WA. Seattle has been my home since 1980. My videos and vlogs consist of walking tours in Seattle and abroad, travel, and things related to the Lao diaspora. I drink way too much coffee, eat pho 20PHO7, and also make food and food review videos. 🤓✌️

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