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HAWAII VLOG. HONOLULU. OAHU. THE MAIN ISLAND. However you want to call it, but we are here!!

For starters, 3 days is simply not enough time. Even though Oahu is a small island and we did drive the entire island in one day, it still wasn’t enough to actually enjoy it all.

Day One- Picked up our rental car, we were driving a convertible and it was absolutely necessary for the experience. We checked into our hotel Moana Surfrider, A Westin Restort & Spa, Waikiki Beach. Had lunch at the resort then went to the beach right in front of our hotel. Then walked around the strip to watch the sunset and have dinner.

Day two- Took the costal route and drove the whole island from Waikiki to North Shore and back. We stopped at Eternity beach which is also known as Cockroach Cove. Then we went to Lanikai Beach, but can also be known as Kailua Beach. Then went to the must see Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden. Ended the night at Giovanni’s shrimp truck.

Day three- Breakfast at Eggs ‘n Things… Not really worth the wait. Drove back to Lanikai beach to get to the Pillbox hike (take proper shoes!!). Ended the day at Eternity Beach aka Cockroach Cove. We later had dinner at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse- Waikiki Beach.

Day four- Breakfast at our resort Moana Surfrider. Then headed back to LAX for a night then went home to IAD.


Hotel Moana Surfrider Waikiki Beach. 10/10 recommend! Great location. Kind of old school but very nice. Great food and excellent customer service.

Beaches: Lanikai Beach, Kailua Beach, Eternity Beach, Cockroach Cove, Waikiki Beach.

Highly recommend that you rent a car and stay longer than 3 days!!

Airline: Alaska from LAX.

Thanks for watching and supporting our YouTube journey. We hope you love it here! 🙂


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