Loco Moco Taste Test at the Dole Plantation (Oahu, Hawaii) – Rambling with Phil - lanikai-beach.net

I tried a local favorite known as the Loco Moco while at the Dole Plantation on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Check out my video to find out what a Loco Moco is and what I thought of it. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my Rambling with Phil YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!!

M.A.C. DADDY PANCAKE CHALLENGE in Waikiki Hawaii!!! #RainaisCrazy - lanikai-beach.net

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【Hawaiian】Hawai’i Aloha (with lyrics)by Le*Retro Heart Music - lanikai-beach.net

Le*Retro Heart Musicのどーん!とやってみよう!! 2019年12月号より 曲目: Hawaii Aloha(with Hawaiian lyrics) lyrics: Rev. Lorenzo Lyons music: James McGranahan レレトロ・ハァト・ミュージック are vocal:pino*noir(ぴの*のあーる) ukulele:ヒデピン UKULELEとRETROをこよなく愛するunit Le*Retro Heart Musicのどーん!とやってみよう!!は 世界中の数々のRetroな名曲を 練習もほどほどに ウクレレ一本! 声一本! 思い切ってドーーン!と やってみようではありませんか! というconceptのRadio的音楽番組です。 【番組ではリクエスト随時募集中!】 From [Le*Retro Heart Music presents, Just “Dooooon To!” Do It!!!] Le*Retro stands for Ukulele & Retro. We pick up beautiful songs from The Beatles, […]