HONEYMOON IN HAWAII: Lanikai Sunrise And The Best Burger In Oahu - lanikai-beach.net

Welcome to our channel! We’re a newlywed couple who traveled to Hawaii for our honeymoon in the middle of a pandemic! Follow along our journey as we navigate through the restrictions of COVID while also enjoying the beautiful island of Oahu. DISCLAIMER: This video is based off our personal experience in traveling to Oahu, Hawaii […]

The Ukulele: In Word & Song With Uke 66 - lanikai-beach.net

Hear the story of the ukulele and its importance in U.S. music and culture over the past 150 years. Rick and Karen Maxson of Uke 66 will lead you through the history of the small instrument with words and song, including the Missouri connection to a popular ukulele performer who later became the voice of […]

Discover, Explore, Relax, Repeat | The Lanikai Experience - lanikai-beach.net

Talk about the best of both worlds. Lanikai hosts one of Oahu’s most iconic hiking spots, the Lanikai Pillbox in addition to its sugar sand beaches neighboring the trail. Keep it locked and be sure to like, follow, and subscribe to our channel. Stay tuned to our social sites for all the latest announcements, discoveries […]

Mauna Kea Summit Future On The Table At Hawaii House (Feb. 2, 2021) - lanikai-beach.net

0 HAWAI ISLAND – The State House of Representatives is saying that the University of Hawaii should drop its lease of the Mauna Kea lands. A synthesized voice was utilized in the narration for this story. Flyover video by Tropical Visions Video / Paradise Helicopters, public meeting video from the Hawaii State House and the […]

Two Small Mountain Islands Near The Lanikai Beach /Natural Video Collection /Non -Copyrighted Video - lanikai-beach.net

Two Small Mountain Islands Near The Lanikai Beach /Natural Video Collection Non -Copyrighted Video And Music 4k video Duration :: 13 SEC Hi Guys Thanks For Watching My Videos And Do Subscribe and Support Me If You Want Any Other Video Footages For Your Business And Personal Vlogs And Blogs Let Me Know In Comments […]

MoMM@Home: Daniel Ho — The Ukulele! - lanikai-beach.net

The Museum welcomes ukulele virtuoso Daniel Ho for a discussion and look at the ukulele. Daniel will share his career and connection to this unique instrument. Daniel Ho is a six-time Grammy Award winner, eleven-time Grammy Award nominee, six-time Taiwanese Golden Melody Award winner, and recipient of multiple Hawaiian Music awards. He is an ‘ukulele […]

THE BIGGEST HAWAIIAN LOCO MOCO CHALLENGE! Authentic Hawaiian Food Challenge | Hawaii | Man Vs Food - lanikai-beach.net

The Biggest Hawaiian Loco Moco Challenge! A very traditional Hawaiian dish, Loco Moco. Head to http://keeps.com/joelhansen to get 50% off your first order of hair loss treatment. Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Island Sushi in Las Vegas offers this giant Loco Moco which is hamburger, rice gravy and eggs! It is a very […]