Royal Hawaiian Hotel (The Pink Palace of the Pacific) | Hawaiian Music by Ukulele Mele -

Mele Fong & her husband Richard Tom – The Hawaiian Serenaders – sing and play Royal Hawaiian Hotel on ‘ukulele and u-bass over photos about the hotel dubbed the “Pink Palace of the Pacific.” Plus, Rich tells the translation and plays a u-bass solo (words below). #playuke #ukulelemusic #Hawaiianmusic Mele’s arrangement of Royal Hawaiian Hotel […]

Vlog: The Pill Box Trail + Lanikai Beach + Maita’i Catamaran -

Welcome back to another Vlog This was our last couple of days in Hawaii. We took a trip to Lanikai Beach. We started off with The Pill Box Trail Went all the way to the top and then went down to Lanikai Beach. I have to say this was by far the most beautiful beach […]


– I decided to surprise I guest at my surf school for his 13th Birthday! And we scored some fun waves great way to start the winter! – STAY PSYCHED MERCHANDISE: – JAMIE O’BRIEN SURF SCHOOL TURTLE BAY HAWAII Home – CATCH SURF JOB COLLECTION: – BUELL WETSUITS JOB COLLECTION: – BLENDERS […]

Breakfast in Hawaii | The Original Pancake House -

We had a craving for some breakfast so we ventured out today to find some. It’s been a while since we’ve visited the original pancake house. We love their simple comfort food. Due to restrictions, the seatings were limited but we were able to get a table really fast. They didn’t have the fan favorite […]

Hawaiian Style Loco Moco | Healthy Around The World -

In this episode we visit Hawaii and give the popular Hawaiian Plate Lunch Dish a healthy twist! Loco Moco has been a staple of the Hawaiian islands since the 1940’s where it was created for a group of hungry teenagers by a Hilo restaurant. Traditionally comprising of a burger patty on a mound of rice […]

The Culture Of Hawaiian Music, Kalena Delima from Kapena | Culturised Podcast 4K Hawaii -

#Culture #HawaiianMusic #Kapena Makani Tabura host of #Culturised welcomes Kalena Delima of @Kapena Music . Growing up in a culture where music was part of everyday life. Full 4K: Kalenaku DeLima has been the keyboardist and vocalist in the group Kapena since 2006. She was classically trained in piano and voice for over 10 […]

The world’s best starry sky 24/7 Live Stream from Maunakea,Hawaii ハワイ・マウナケアの国立天文台すばる望遠鏡から世界最高の星空を配信中 -

0 This live stream is from Subaru Telescope , Maunakea Hawaii , and brought to you by National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) and the Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper. Please subscribe !! この配信は、国立天文台と朝日新聞がお送りしています。ぜひ高評価とチャンネル登録をお願いいたします。 Q: What constellation in this view? 今見えている星座は? A: Q: What is the orange laser? A: The laser is used to create […]

Triple Berry Hawaiian Pancakes McDonald’s Japan | The Morning Coffee Show Food Review -

Today we compare McDonalds Japan’s Hawaiian Triple Berry pancakes vs their regular pancakes along with The McFizz Blue Hawaii, coffee and a hash brown. Which would you prefer? —————————————————————————– ► Get your JR East pass here! —————————————————————————– ►Patreon TD Crew: ►PayPal Donations: ►Channel Donations : ►Get YOUR TD MERCH here: […]