The Rock visited protesters fighting to keep a telescope off a sacred Hawaiian site l GMA Digital -

“The Rock” Johnson says there is a solution for everything, and the protests to keep a telescope off Mauna Kea, a sacred and dormant Hawaiian volcano, can be solved. #GMA #DwayneJohnson #TheRock

The sacred and the scientific clash on Hawaii’s Mauna Kea -

Over a thousand years ago, Polynesians followed the stars in the Mauna Kea sky on their path to Hawaii. Those stars are now of interest to astronomers, who believe the mountain’s summit is the perfect spot to build a giant, cutting-edge telescope. But native Hawaiians view that peak as a sacred space. Science correspondent Miles […]

HawaII: Birthplace of Maui Chiefs – the Sacred Hauola Stone in Lahaina – lanikai-beach

At the water-edge near the pier in Lahaina, Maui Island, Hawaii, is the sacred Hauola Stone – which was used as an obstetric-table by Maui Queens for giving birth to the royal children – hence this is the Birthplace of the Great Maui Chiefs.