Shore Diving and Snorkeling on Oahu -

Oahu has more than 100 miles of coastline and 100 beaches. Visitors to many of these beaches generally find excellent possibilities for swimming, diving, snorkeling, bodyboarding, surfing, and fishing. People looking for the best beaches for snorkeling or diving should look for easy public beach access and also water depths of 15 feet or more, […]

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay | Lanikai Beach | Eating on a budget in Hawaii | The Chuas -

Hanauma Bay is a must-go when you are in Oahu Hawaii. It is one of the best spots but going there has some challenges if you go there late because people would just flock there later in the day. Parking is so hard so we recommend going there early in the morning (5am or earlier) […]

Snorkeling Lanikai – Unforgettable experience! -

Lanikai – crystal waters seem to sparkle with the luster of millions of diamonds. Snorkeling here is a pure dream! This mesmerizing shore offers calm waters, ideal for watersports like kayaking and paddle boarding. The vibrant colors surrounding this beach makes it a beacon of creativity for photographers and artists looking for breathtaking inspiration. Officially […]