Kailua Kayaking – Popoi’a (Flat) Island & Na Mokulua Islands (Mokes) - lanikai-beach.net

A vlog of our kayaking trip in Kailua, Hawaii. We started at Kailua beach. Kayaked our way to Popoi’a (Flat) island then kayaked to Na Mokulua Islands (Mokes). Kailua, Hawaii is located in the eastern part of Oahu. September 18, 2019. Song: Lil Dicky – Earth (instrumental)

Oahu Adventures: Mokulua Islands Paddle - lanikai-beach.net

This Oahu paddle adventure launches from Lanikai and goes to the exotic Mokulua Islands (Also, called the “mokes” or twin islands). It gives paddlers and kayakers the best views of Lanikai and the windward side of Oahu. For more information on visiting the island, check out this article about kayaking or paddling to the mokulua […]