Story Behind the Song | Kuuipo I Ka Hee Pue One | by Ukulele Mele -

Mele Fong aka Ukulele Mele tells the story behind the traditional Hawaiian song Kuuipo I Ka Hee Pue One. The song composed by Princess Likelike in the late 1800s tells of her love, gentle as the sea gliding over the sand dunes, in her best-known composition. NOTE: Monthly Online Lessons by subscription are no longer […]

Lanikai Beach | Kailua Hawaii 2022 | One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World -

Lanikai Beach is One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Hawaii and the World. We surprised Salma with a trip to Hawaii to celebrate her 5th Birthday. She really loved the beach and the mermaid decorations we set up for her party. The location is truly magical. Beautiful beach especially on O’ahu, turquoise water and […]

Hawaii’s Lanikai Beach : One of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches in the World #shorts -

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【Hawaiian@Ukulele】Hilo One (with chords & lyrics) by Le*Retro Heart Music -

Le*Retro Heart Musicのどーん!とやってみよう!! 2022年3月号より 宮廷のフラダンサーだったエマリアのことを歌った恋の歌です。 曲目:Hilo One(歌詞・コード付) lyrics+music: original: arranged by:Le*Retro Heart Music レレトロ・ハァト・ミュージック are vocal:pino*noir(ぴの*のあーる) ukulele:ヒデピン UKULELEとRETROをこよなく愛するunit Le*Retro Heart Musicのどーん!とやってみよう!!は 世界中の数々のRetroな名曲を 練習もほどほどに ウクレレ一本! 声一本! 思い切ってドーーン!と やってみようではありませんか! というconceptのRadio的音楽番組です。 【番組ではリクエスト随時募集中!】 From [Le*Retro Heart Music presents, Just “Dooooon To!” Do It!!!] Le*Retro stands for Ukulele & Retro. We pick up beautiful songs from The Beatles, Japanese Oldies, and Hawaiian […]

〖4K〗Lanikai Beach in Hawaii : One of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches 라니카이 비치 : 각종 매체 선정 세계 최고 비치 -

#hawaii, #beach, #walk ■ Virtual Globe Tour walked – This Walk : 1.3km / 0.8mi. / 30 minutes – Total : 368.5km / 228.9mi. / 7,395 minutes ■ Subscribe to my channel 구독 바로 가기 – Hi to all the virtual travelers of the world. This is VK from Virtual Globe Tour. I am […]

Lanikai Beach. One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World. 🌴 Hawaii 4K Tour -

Watch in our channel: Lanikai Beach. One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World. 🌴 Hawaii 4K Tour #LanikaiBeach #BeautifulBeaches #HawaiiTour #oahuhawaii #LANIKAIhawaii DO NOT CLICK HERE – Buy cheap flights on this website: Book cheap hotels on this website: ============================================================= Also watch on our channel: Millenium Park Chicago. Chicago Drone […]