My Favorite Hawaiian Ukulele Brand: Kanile’a || Demo & Review of My 2 Ukes! -

Read the Article: In this video and article, I’ll explain why Kanile’a is my favorite Hawaiian ukulele brand. We’ll also take an in-depth look at both of my ukes. This will be an interesting comparison since one is an entry-level base model, and the other is a custom build. —- WIN a $1,370 Kanile’a […]

Lanikai Sunrise with views of Lanikai Beach, Pillbox Hike & Kaiwa Ridge! Hawaii at it’s finest! -

Lanikai is by far one of the most beautiful areas on Oahu, laden with spectacular homes, crystal clear water and the famous Mokoluas also known as “mokes” (Mountains) out in the ocean. Only a few blocks back from Lanikai Beach is the beginning of the Lanikai Pillbox Hike (also known as Kaiwa Ridge), known for […]

ラニカイ・ビーチを散策【4K】lanikai beach / Hawaiian island of Oahu -

2019年夏、Panasonic LUMIX GH5で撮影。 同じ時期に訪れたハワイ島のハプナビーチが素晴らしく美しいビーチだったので、オアフ島でも同じようなビーチは無いかと探して見つけたのがこのラニカイビーチでした。ワイキキからはアラモアナセンター経由のバスで1時間ぐらいかかったでしょうか。少々行きにくい場所でしたが、そのせいか人の数も少なく眺めも良く評判通り美しいビーチでした。帰りはバスの時間が合わず、バス停のあるカイルアビーチまで歩きました。こちらのビーチも美しいビーチです。私的には、ハワイ島のハプナビーチの方が静かで好きです。

Millions Of People Are Watching This VERY CLOSELY! Hawaii UPRISING Mauna Kea… 2019-2020 -

Free Documentary! This is a very special time in our world, and the Mauna Kea Has become a Phenomenon on social media, Brent and I drive up to the Mauna Kea Mountain to experience the movement that has changed the WORLD over the past three weeks! Become a Member! UFO Youtube Channel Thirdphaseofmoon! Share […]