Even living in Hawaii we have to run around town doing those errands everyone dreads & puts off. The beauty is, we do get to hit the beach whenever we want. Ride with us as we knock out a few things on our “to do” list & BONUS, we go on an “endless pancakes” lunch […]

하와이 힐링 오아후 라니카이 비치 Ep4 Oahu Lanikai Beach #Shorts - lanikai-beach.net

하와이 메인섬 오아후 최고의 비치 라니카이 비치 입니다. 그저 비치만 바라봐도 좋은 곳. 라니카이의 lani는 하와이어로 천국이며 kai 카이는 바다 랍니다. #천국의바다 #힐링비치 #하와이 🌈 마할로와 하와이 구독하기 https://bit.ly/3z93iWZ 📌 Contact 마할로 * 이메일: sseoble@naver.com * 블로그 : https://blog.naver.com/sseoble​​​​​​ * 인스타 : 일상과 여행 https://www.instagram.com/sseoble/​​​​​​ * 인스타 : 맛집과 먹방 https://www.instagram.com/hawaii_mukb……

HAWAII EP. 5 Y 6 | Nuestro Hike y playa favorita, Lanikai 💗✨ - lanikai-beach.net

ALOHA PIPIIIS! 🌴🌺 Nunca terminé de subir los vlogs de las vacaciones INCREÍBLES en Hawaii, así que decidí hacerlo así disfrutan un poquito más con nosotras 💗. El primer día de este video hicimos: •Lanikai Pillbox (hike corto pero bastante intenso). Después de eso fuimos a Lanikai Beach, nuestra playa favorita de todo Hawaii. Es […]

traveling to oahu *hawaii vlog* | surfing, luau, lanikai beach, waikiki, waimea falls + more! | ep 6 - lanikai-beach.net

aloha! here’s the 6th episode of my hawaii vlog series. we traveled to oahu and stayed in waikiki. here are some of the activities that we did for the first few days in the island – we did surfing lessons and it was such an experience!! partied and danced in a luau, checked out the […]

Rosebud.bio – Ep. 24 – Wong Kar-Wai – lanikai-beach

0 No episódio de hoje nós falamos sobre um dos maiores diretores da Ásia, o talentoso Wong Kar-Wai. Wong Kar-Wai é um diretor chinês que se destacou devido sua forte identidade autoral, incluindo takes em slow motion e sua relação afetiva com a trilha sonora. Wong é o autor de longas como: ‘Amor à Flor […]

how to make Hawaiian donuts (MALASADAS) // Baking w Noah ep 2 - lanikai-beach.net

Step by step instructions how to make malasadas! If you don’t know what these amazing fried dough balls are then try to make them! Or go to Hawaii haha! HERE IS THE RECIPE TO TRY IT YOURSELF https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/7128/malasadas/ #malasadas #hawaii #baking

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