Food 2Go — Pancakes & Waffles -

It’s time for Food 2Go, for this foodie Friday. It’s breakfast time, so we’re headed to an ono food spot that specializes in breakfast. Who also brought a classic mainland dish to the islands because they simply couldn’t find it here. That’s right, we’re getting grinds at Pancakes & Waffles. Joining us with all the […]

Pancakes with Macadamia Nut Sauce | 4K ASMR Recipe -

Years ago, my cousin Scott took me to a restaurant called, “Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen” located in Kailua, Hawaii. There was a long line out the door and we waited over an hour to get seated. Scott had me order the “Kimo’s Onolicious Pancakes with their Famous Macadamia Nut Sauce,” & once seated, out […]

UBE Pancakes with Ube Glaze! #shorts #ube #ubepancakes #yogurstory #hawaii -

I was in Hawaii a few years ago and we stopped at a restaurant called Yogurstory on Honolulu. I ordered the UBE pancakes and I have been craving them forever so I decided to make them. Let me know if you want the full recipe and I will make a longer video showing how to […]

Triple Berry Hawaiian Pancakes McDonald’s Japan | The Morning Coffee Show Food Review -

Today we compare McDonalds Japan’s Hawaiian Triple Berry pancakes vs their regular pancakes along with The McFizz Blue Hawaii, coffee and a hash brown. Which would you prefer? —————————————————————————– ► Get your JR East pass here! —————————————————————————– ►Patreon TD Crew: ►PayPal Donations: ►Channel Donations : ►Get YOUR TD MERCH here: […]

Japanese “Hawaiian Pancakes” EXPOSED as McGriddles -

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